St Clement’s Clock

There are two different nineteenth century clock faces on the exterior of St. Clement’s Church bell tower.  In 1884 when Henry Bowell rehung the bells in their existing wooden frame, a clock and mechanical chiming mechanism were installed; both were built by
Gillet & Co. Steam Clock Factory of Croydon.  They were the gift of Felix Thornley
Cobbold, presented in memory of John C. Cobbold, MP and High Steward.

The clock had to be wound up daily.  The larger photo shows Mr. A. Frost winding up the clock in 1952.  This photograph was shared on the Facebook group, Ipswich
Remembers, run by the Ipswich Star.  No one has to date been able to identify where this photograph came from. Katharine’s father-in-law George Salter, also used to wind the clock up himself too in the 1960s.

The old clock chiming mechanism used very large and cumbersome hammers and
although replaced in 2018, the original clock and mechanical chiming mechanisms have remained in situ.