The Project

What are the aims of the project?

  • Record oral history accounts connected to St Clement’s Church Ipswich

How will we achieve the projects aims?

  • appeal to members of the public to share their memories and experiences in connection with the church

What type of memories are we looking for?

  • anything!
  • marriages
  • baptisms
  • choir or carol services
  • neighbour or family friend who worshiped at the church
  • played in the church yard – collected conkers from the tree
  • Loved listening to the bells ringing

How will the memories be recorded?

  • audio recording
  • The recordings will be very informal
  • can take place in your own home
  • can be done in couples or groups

What will happen to my recording?

  • Used for an exhibition at UOS
  • passed into the care of the Suffolk Records Office
  • Some may be used (with your consent) by BBC Radio Suffolk

Can I remain anonymous?

  • Yes
  • copyright agreement and consent form