This project required many, many hours of time from our dedicated volunteers and we cannot thank them enough!

Many of our volunteers joined us with little or no experience of oral history recording but with their thirst for knowledge and their passion to learn our volunteers gained a variety of new skills including

  • Legal and ethical requirements of oral history interviews
  • How to conduct an oral history interview, including how to use the equipment
  • How to transcribe interviews
  • How to use a record office
  • How to use online genealogy sites
  • Event planning
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Audio editing

We aim to still collate memories, photographs and documents relating to St. Clement’s Church and the skills the volunteers have gained during the project will ensure this can continue.  We also hope that we can share with the community the skills we have learned.

If you would like further information on how to become involved with the project, or would like us to help you train for your own oral history project, you can contact us here.  We would be happy to help.