A project such as ours requires many hours of time from our dedicated volunteers and we always welcome extra help.

For some roles, the minimum amount of time we ask you to donate is JUST ONE HOUR!  Although this may not seem like a lot, it is hugely beneficial to us and we appreciate every minute of your time.   Other roles will require you to commit to a few hours a fortnight for several months, this is due to the training involved.

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities we currently have available.  Clicking on the opportunity will take you to a description of the role.

  • Fete & Festival Fundraisers
  • Open Day Volunteers
  • Recorder / Interviewer
  • Transcript Writers
  • Video Editor

If you would like further information, or would like to become a volunteer,  please contact Nicola, who would be happy to hear from you.  Her contact details can be found here.